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A Return Update

Notre Dame is celebrating Logical Lacrosse's return...

My last article was a year ago. To the loyal subscribers that have supported this blog, thank you. To the people who have visited this site, while it’s been inactive, thank you. I am extremely humbled that Logical Lacrosse has continued to garner thousands of viewers a month despite its inactivity. After an extended leave of absence, I am ready to get Logical Lacrosse back up and running. I believe I owe you all an explanation for why Logical Lacrosse has been inactive for a calendar year.

Simply put, the 2020/2021 academic year was my final full year in college. I decided to take a break from producing content to focus on finishing my own collegiate lacrosse career. My team had a successful season that has since ended. With my collegiate playing career complete, I feel I can get back into enjoying the game as a spectator again.

Playing collegiate lacrosse is worth the experience; however, it is a full time job. As much as I love lacrosse, the last thing I wanted to do in my time away from practice was write about more lacrosse. I decided the gaps in practice would be dedicated to granting me a break from lacrosse.

With my career officially done, I hope to bring you all a more mature outlook on the collegiate game that provides valuable insight you can’t get anywhere else. The goal of this blog will continue to be “smart lacrosse” and “smart reporting”. Again, thank you all for your support, patience, and understanding. With all that said, I am extremely excited to provide you all with more excellent content. Let’s get this thing rolling again.


All of your support is greatly appreciated. Please consider becoming a member of the Logical Lacrosse family and subscribe! You can also follow our social media on Twitter and Instagram.

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