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MLL 2019 Supplemental Draft Review

Over 350 players were in this year's player pool according to the MLL website.

This is a review of all the players drafted in the second annual MLL supplemental draft. There were four rounds in all and New York took the most picks. Lots of guys that graduated a couple years ago with the oldest draftee being Bill O’Brian (2010). A lot of guys were drafted that come from lesser known D1 schools and D2/D3 institutions. A lot of these guys will be used as practice squad players, but don’t be surprised to see a couple of them play key roles on their roster as the 2019 season goes on. Congrats to everyone who was drafted! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (logical_lacrosse) and Twitter (Logical_Lacrosse). Thank you and please enjoy!

Round 1

1. Ohio Machine

a. Thomas Hoggarth: Midfield

2. Florida Launch

a. Robert Hope: Defense, Pfeiffer University 2014

3. Boston Cannons

a. Jay Drapeau: Midfield, Loyola 2018

4. Atlanta Blaze

a. Leo Stouros: Defense, Colgate 2016

5. Charlotte Hounds

a. Kacy Kapinos: SSDM, Ohio State 2016

6. New York Lizards

a. Matt Lane: Midfield, Syracuse 2018

7. Dallas Rattlers

a. William Kane: Defense, Detroit Mercy 2018

8. Denver Outlaws

a. Tyler Pace: Midfield, Denver 2017

Round 2

1. Ohio

a. Dereck Downs: Attack, Wheeling Jesuit 2018

2. Boston

a. Bill O’Brien: Defense, Sacred Heart 2010

3. Atlanta

a. Tyler Blaisdell: Goalie, Princeton 2018

4. Charlotte

a. Patricck Fraser: Midfield, Johns Hopkins 2018

5. New York

a. Charles Schreck: LSM, Delaware 2016

6. Dallas

a. Ted Goltzman: SSDM, Marquette 2018

7. Denver

a. Jacob Ruest: Midfield, Robert Morris 2015

Round 3

1. Ohio

a. Cole Barrett: Defense, Lynchburg 2017

2. Charlotte

a. Brendan Collins: Midfield, Notre Dame 2018

3. New York

a. Fred Ulbrick: Defense, Bates 2017

4. Dallas

a. Jared Mintzlaff: SSDM, Loyola 2018

5. Denver

a. Tayler Ghesquiere: Midfield, Wesleyan 2018

Round 4

1. Charlotte

a. Anthony Joaquim: SSDM, Saint Joseph’s 2017

2. New York

a. John Vigh: Midfield, Marist 2017

3. Charlotte

a. Joel Brown: Midfield, Florida Southern 2016

4. New York

a. Joseph Bressingham: Faceoff, Manhattan 2018

5. Charlotte

a. Ross Bowman: Goalie, Mount Olive 2016

6. New York

a. Patrick Ryan: Faceoff, Jacksonville 2017

7. New York

a. Gale Thorpe: Attack, Ohio State 2019

8. New York

a. Troy Miller: SSDM, Salisbury 2018

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