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PLL Atlas Review

With a roster like this, the Atlas will definitely be a force to be reckoned with...

This is a roster review of the PLL Atlas. Below I list the players for each position, along with the MLL and college team they played for. If they play in the NLL, I named the team they are with. At the bottom, I have included my takeaways after studying this roster. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (logical_lacrosse) and Twitter (Logical_Lacrosse) for more content like this. Thank you and please enjoy!

Head Coach

- John Paul: Former Michigan head lacrosse coach

Assistant Coach

- Jason Lamb: Assistant Coach for Denver Outlaws

- Chris Kolon: Head Coach of Detroit Mercy


- Trevor Baptiste: Philadelphia Wings, Denver

- Chris Mattes: Boston Cannons, Rutgers


- Eric Law: Denver Outlaws, Denver

- Kieran McArdle: Florida Launch, Toronto Rock, St. John’s

- Ryan Brown: Charlotte Hounds, Johns Hopkins

- Chris Cloutier: New England Black Wolves, North Carolina

- James Pannell: New York Lizards, Virgina

- Shack Stanwick: Chesapeake Bayhawks, Johns Hopkins


- Paul Rabil: Founder of PLL, Johns Hopkins, Considered best in world

- Connor Buczek: Florida Launch, Cornell

- Joel Tinney: Georgia Swarm, Johns Hopkins

- John Crawley: Charlotte Hounds, Johns Hopkins

- Pat Young: Ohio Machine, Maryland

- Steven Brooks: Florida Launch, Syracuse

- Andrew Hodgson: New York Lizards, Towson

- Kevin Unterstein: New York Lizards, Hofstra

- Steven Denapoli: New York Lizards, Hofstra

- Jake Richard: Charlotte Hounds, Marquette

- Tal Bruno: New England Black Wolves, Johns Hopkins


- Tucker Durkin: Florida Launch, Johns Hopkins

- Callum Robinson: Atlanta Blaze, Stevenson

- Austin Pifani: New York Lizards, North Carolina

- Ryan Flanagan: New York Lizards, North Carolina

- Tim Semisch: Former NFL TE

- Kyle Hartzell: New York Lizards, Salisbury

- Mike Simon: Denver Outlaws, Stevenson


- Scott Rodgers: Ohio Machine, Notre Dame

- Jack Concannon: Florida Launch, Hofstra


The PLL Atlas will be a special team. Not just because of the talent present on the roster, but the league’s founder, Paul Rabil, is also on the roster. How will other teams react when covering Rabil? It must be weird to beat up on the guy paying your salary.

The Atlas have the most diverse roster of the teams I’ve covered so far. The majority of players are from Johns Hopkins (Paul Rabil, Joel Tinney, Tucker Durkin, etc.), but there’s a few non-D1 players as well (Kyle Hartzell, Mike Simon). The Atlas will have a great offense led by the best player in the game, but I believe they will be more of a defensive team. They are loaded with two of the best defenders in the game in Kyle Hartzell and Tucker Durkin. Those guys can stop anyone in a 1v1 situation, and are rarely out of position.

All in all, the Atlas are going to be one of the tougher teams in the league. They have the Sydney Crosby of lacrosse (Paul Rabil) who is backed up by the top defenders in the league. The attack unit is loaded with NLL stars (Chris Cloutier, Kieran McArdle) who will be a nightmare for opposing defenses with all the extra space. Head coach, John Paul, is certainly in a great spot to redeem himself, after being released by Michigan, with such a stacked roster.

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