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PLL Chrome Review

Will the Chrome be prepared for battle?

This is a roster review of the PLL Chrome. Below I list who each player played for in the pro and college ranks. If they play NLL, I will have listed which team they are on. At the end, I have included my takeaways after researching the Chrome roster. Definitely check those out. Please follow me on Instagram (logical_lacrosse) and Twitter (Logical_Lacrosse)! Thank you and please enjoy!

Head Coach

- Dom Starsia: Former Virginia Head Coach

Assistant Coach

- Bob Deegan: West Genesee High School Head Lacrosse Coach

- John Walker: Coached at Princeton and Virginia


- Drew Simoneau: Dallas Rattlers, Nazareth

- Brendan Fowler: New York Lizards, Duke


- Jordan Wolf: Dallas Rattlers, Duke

- Justin Guterding: Ohio Machine, Duke

- Ty Thompson: Dallas Rattlers, Albany

- Connor Cannizzaro: Ohio Machine, Denver

- Callum Crawford: New England Black Wolves (NLL)

- Chris Bocklet: Dallas Rattlers, Virginia


- Matt Danowski: Chesapeake Bayhawks, Duke

- Ned Crotty: Dallas Rattlers, Duke

- Wes Berg: Denver Outlaws, Calgary Roughnecks (NLL), Denver

- Jordan MacIntosh: Dallas Rattlers, Rochester Institute of Technology

- John Ranagan: Dallas Rattlers, Johns Hopkins

- Romar Dennis: Denver Outlaws, Loyola

- Jovan Miller: Florida Launch, Syracuse

- Will Haus: Charlotte Hounds, Duke

- Mike O’Neil: Dallas Rattlers, Cornell

- Justin Turri: Boston Cannons, Duke


- Mike Manley: Dallas Rattlers, Duke

- BJ Grill: Denver Outlaws, Marquette

- Brandon Mullins: Boston Cannons, Syracuse

- John Lade: Dallas Rattlers, Syracuse

- Joel White: Dallas Rattlers, Syracuse

- Luke Duprey: New York Lizards, Duke

- John Moderski: Dallas Rattlers, Villanova


- John Galloway: Dallas Rattlers, Head Coach of Jacksonville

- Brett Queener: Florida Launch, Albany


Like the Whipsnakes with Maryland and Atlas with Hopkins, the PLL Chrome is filled with former Duke lacrosse stars. Some Duke stars you may remember are attackmen Jordan Wolf and Justin Guterding and midfielders Ned Crotty and Matt Danowski. Wes Berg (Denver) and Ty Thompson (Albany) are two popular non-Duke stars on the roster.

The potential is there for the Chrome; however, I am not completely sold on them. The Chrome have talented players, but I feel they are not as loaded as others (Atlas, Whipsnakes). Justin Guterding and Jordan Wolf will be tough for opposing defenses, but guys like Tucker Durkin can handle them. Defensively, the only player that stands out is Joel White (Syracuse). Joel White is considered one of the top d poles in the world, but he can’t do it all himself. I’m sure the other defensemen are elite, but I just don’t know as much about them.

The two goaltenders are stars in their own right. John Galloway is the current head coach of Jacksonville. It’s kind of odd to have a D1 head coach being coached around in the summer. Brett Queener is Galloway’s competition, and he will be tough to beat out. If you want more insight on the entertainment Queener brings to the game, just YouTube a couple of his goals (yes, as a goalie).

The duty of handling the team goes to former Virginia lacrosse head coach Dom Starsia. Starsia is an excellent head coach who I believe will do well with this roster. He did a great job at Virginia and was pushed out because he didn’t adapt to the modern game quick enough (think Les Miles at LSU). Admittedly, I do not know much about his assistants, but I do question having a high school head coach on staff. Deegan has had a superb career at West Genesee high school, winning 13 state titles. But there is a difference in coaching high school players compared to fully grown men. I have confidence in Deegan performing well, but after working with high school coaches in the past, I have noticed there is a gap in ability between them and college coaches (at least out in Colorado).

All in all, the Chrome have the potential to be a top team in the league, but I feel their roster isn’t as loaded as some of their competition. It will be interesting to see what Dom Starsia can do with the cast he’s been given.

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