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Should You Buy the 2019 MLL Trading Cards?

The box the trading cards come in...

If one searches the MLL’s official store, they will find 2019 trading cards for sale. I’m no trading card collector, but I found them intriguing. It’s something new. Plus, if I’m going to buy trading cards, it ain’t going to be for baseball. I would build a better understanding of the league and its players. I pulled out my credit card and clicked “purchase”.

After eagerly awaiting delivery, the cards arrived. I observed my product as if I was a NASA scientist studying a Moon rock. I didn’t want to miss a detail. I acknowledged every card, separated them into organized piles, and penned notes. It seems no one has reviewed this product. Don’t worry, for I am here. This article’s purpose is to review the 2019 Major League Lacrosse trading cards. Are they worth sixty dollars? Will you like them? Were trees sacrificed in vain? To find out, carry on.

The outside packaging is nice. It’s a white box with Isaiah Davis-Allen featured beside the league logo. The box holds 20 card packs contain 8 cards each. In total, you receive 160 trading cards. Four of these cards are general admission tickets to any MLL game.

The cards are encompassed within shiny, silver packaging. The packaging features the new MLL logo and a Parkside Cards emblem. Parkside is the company who designed this product.

The silver packaging that contains the trading cards...

I’ve teased y’all long enough. It’s time to write about the cards. In short, the trading cards look good. You can tell effort was put into them. The standard card features the photo of a player, his name, and team. The back gives a short bio and provides career statistics. Player Instagram handles are included. I like this. It’s an easy way to make MLL players more accessible.

Some of my favorite cards. These are the standard cards...

I have some minor complaints. I’ll get them over with now. It’s cringey the cards feature nine MLL teams when we know what happened to three. Of course, it’s not Parkside’s fault for including the Florida Launch, Ohio Machine, and Charlotte Hounds. They were designing these cards long before the league downsized. Unfortunately, I always feel a twinge of sadness when I come upon a Machine, Launch, or Hounds card. I hate these players lost their teams. Some of them joined new teams, but not all. And one cannot forget about the non-players involved. Coaches, medical staff, and those handling day-to-day operations lost their jobs. I can’t help but remember this whenever I come across a lost team’s card.

Second, some cards feature caricature-like drawings of star players. For example, I got one of Mark Cockerton. Personal opinion, but I found these cards extremely ugly. I would rather get a player’s action shot than a horrific drawing of them. You may prefer this art, but I detested it. What a waste of paper.

The art I found to be an abomination...

Besides the above critiques, I adore these cards. The quality is outstanding and I’ve learned loads about previously unknown players. I now know these players on a more personal level. To give an example, the bio on Mark Cockerton (Boston Cannons) follows.

“Mark was a part of the 2011 NCAA national championship team at the University of Virginia. His college career includes a Tewaaraton nomination and 125 goals; the 8th highest in Cavalier history. Mark’s father, Stan, is a member of both the Canadian and National Lacrosse Hall of Fames.”

Bill O’Brien, not the NFL coach, has the most interesting bio.

“Of Native American heritage, Bill attended Sacred Heart (NCAA D1 AA) on a football scholarship and did not play college lacrosse. In 2014, he attended a free agent camp for the New England Black Wolves (NLL), made the team, and became the club’s enforcer with his physical size and presence. In three seasons for the Black Wolves (2015-2017) and one with the Buffalo Bandits, Bill racked up 176 penalty minutes and was credited with 9 assists. “Thrilla” is also an entrepreneur, helping build the Thompson Brothers Lacrosse Brand and other endeavors like the Apex Nutrition Group.”

If it weren’t for these cards, I wouldn’t know this. How cool is it for a guy that doesn’t play college lacrosse to end up in Major League Lacrosse? Plus, he’s an enforcer. If there’s something I love, it’s a player that beats the pulp out of others.

Coaches and mascots are featured. I find it funny that Tony Seaman, Denver Outlaws head coach, was the team’s GM from 2012-2018. During this time, Denver went 66-32. Impressively, his winning percentage as head coach is better! Liam Banks, Atlanta Blaze head man, is a huge reason lacrosse has grown in the Peach State. Tom Mariano, former Florida Launch head coach, is the head coach at Pace University (D2). I would never guess an MLL coach headed a college team too.

The head coach cards...

Did you know JoJo the War Drummer was featured in the movies Crooked Arrows and Soul of Sila? Neither did I! Lazer, mascot of the New York Lizards, looks like he has massive googly eyes on his head. Blue, former Hounds mascot, wore sunglasses. Rest in peace Blue.

Besides current players, you get alumni cards. Here you find influential former players. I got a Michael Watson card. He was the original model for the first MLL logo. Two other notable cards are of Brian Spallina and Casey Powell. Spallina won 7 MLL championships and has the most penalty minutes (202) in league history. Most lacrosse fans know the name Casey Powell. His card’s long list of accomplishments reminds us why he’s a household name.

Alumni cards...

There are special cards you can find. They are separated into the “Disruptors” or “Fabled” category. The Disruptor cards feature players such as Cody Radziewicz (Dallas Rattlers) and Zed Williams (Boston Cannons). The design features tiger-like stripes around the player. The player’s team colors are used.

Disruptor cards...

I prefer the Fabled cards. A splash of orange or green surrounds the player. The card’s backside includes a short bio. Lyle Thompson’s card states the following.

“Lyle holds the impressive NCAA record for points, with 400 over his four years at Albany. Along the way he won the Tewaaraton award, the Jack Turnbull award, and the Lt. Raymond Enners award twice each. Lyle was the first overall pick in the 2015 MLL Collegiate Draft.”

Fabled cards...

While these are cool, my favorite cards are the autographed editions. I was lucky enough to get cards signed by Martin Bowes (Florida Launch), Jesse Hubbard (New Jersey Riptide), and Max Adler (Denver Outlaws). Ironically, Adler is my favorite MLL player and I’ve chatted with him in person. I found it funny I got his card. To me, the autographed cards, from star players, highlight the pack.

Autographed cards... Very cool!

Now you know what the 2019 MLL trading cards are about. It’s decision time. Are they worth buying? On the whole, I’d say yes. If you are a big lacrosse fan, you’ll enjoy them. Assuming the MLL continues to print them, the first edition may be worth something in 10 years. They’ve informed me about my favorite players and coaches. The four MLL game tickets are a nice addition too. Most games cost $20 per ticket. With a party of four, that’s $80. By purchasing this product, you not only get four game tickets, but 160 special edition MLL cards. If you’re looking for something unique, do yourself a favor and purchase the 2019 MLL trading cards. You won’t be disappointed.


Was this article useful? Any cards, in my photos, you preferred? Do you plan on ordering 2019 MLL trading cards? If interested, I’ve provided a link here. Whatever your thoughts, connect with me on Twitter or Instagram so I can read them. You can also subscribe to my website and comment directly onto this article. By subscribing, you will be notified whenever I publish a new article. Any and all support is appreciated! Thank you all for reading and keep growing the game!

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