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Week 1 Predictions

The nature of these predictions is to give an over/under for the winner of each respective match up. Feel free to comment below whether you are for the over/under. Also, feel free to reach out on social media (Twitter, Instagram) at Logical_Lacrosse to tell me how wrong my predictions are after this week’s games are done. Enjoy!

· Vermont at Utah—Vermont by 4

· St. Bonaventure at High Point—High Point by 6

· Lehigh at NJIT—Lehigh by 9

· Villanova at Penn State—Villanova by 1

· Cleveland State at Ohio State—Ohio State by 5

· Bucknell at Maryland—Maryland by 8

· Jacksonville at Detroit Mercy—Jacksonville by 3

· Wagner at Bellarmine—Bellarmine by 2

· Lafayette at Rutgers—Rutgers by 10

· North Carolina at Mercer—North Carolina by 7

· Duke at Furman—Duke by 10

· Boston at Providence—Boston by 3

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